The Benefits of Providence: A New Look at Divine Sovereignty

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Crossway Books, 2005 - 255 من الصفحات
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ÒDoes God actively determine every event that comes to pass? Or does he passively allow some events to happen?Ó

When we face painful trials, there is comfort in knowing that God can see the big picture even when we canÕt. Scholar and author James Spiegel reaffirms that God knows everything that will happen in the future and is in full control. This is the classic view of GodÕs divine providence, the idea that God completely knows, controls, and directs the future.

This doctrine has come under fire recently by supporters of opposing views, especially open theists, who claim that God can be mistaken about the future and that even his plans can fail. Using scriptural texts, Spiegel analyzes the flaws of alternative views while defending the classic view of GodÕs providence. He illustrates how the classic view is beneficial to believers and shows the reader how this doctrine provides answers to difficult questions such as the problem of evil.

Where we stand on the issue of GodÕs divine providence affects every area of our lives. Spiegel provides us with an excellent explanation of divine providence.

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James S. Spiegel is the Associate Professor of Philosophy at Taylor University. His works include Hypocrisy: Moral Fraud and Other Vices, How to Be Good in a World Gone Bad, and articles on ethics, aesthetics, and the philosophy of religion.

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