Archives of the London-Dutch Church: Register of the Attestations Or Certificates of Membership, Confessions of Guilt, Certificates of Marriage, Bethrothals, Publications of Banns, &c., &c. Preserved in the Preserved in the Dutch Reformed Church, Austin Friars, London, 1568 to 1872

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D. Nutt, 1892 - 296 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 238 - Vindication of the Ministers of the Gospel in and about London, from the unjust Aspersions cast upon their former Actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to Capitall punishment WITH A short Exhortation to their People to keep close to their Covenant-Ingagement.
الصفحة 235 - PRINTER to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve...
الصفحة 234 - Sussex, lately deceased, was not put in, wrapt np, or wound np, or buried in any shirt, shift, sheet, or shroud, made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, hair, gold, or silver, or other than what is made of sheep's wool only ; nor in any coffin lined or faced with any cloth, stuff, or any other thing whatsoever made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, hair, gold, or silver, or any other material contrary to the late Act of Parliament for burying in woollen, but sheep's wool only. Dated the 16 day of...
الصفحة 235 - Years from thence next following to be fully complete and ended DURING which Term the said Apprentice his Master...
الصفحة 234 - Dovercourt, in the borough aforesaid, was not put in, wrapped, or wound up, or buried in any Shirt, Shift, Sheet, or Shroud, made or mingled with Flax, Hemp, Silk, Hair, Gold, or Silver, or other than what is made of Sheeps...
الصفحة 235 - CD, of the parish of - and State of Louisiana, to learn the art, trade, mystery or occupation of - , which the said CD now uses, and to dwell and continue with...
الصفحة 234 - Dated the day of in the year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second King of England Scotland France and Ireland.
الصفحة xi - Naamlijst en levensbijzonderheden der Predikanten , die sedert de Kerkhervorming in de Nederduitsche Hervormde en Waalsche Gemeente te Rotterdam tot op dezen tijd in dienst geweest zijn. Rotterdam, PM Bazendijk. 1850. in-8°.
الصفحة 177 - April 11, 1661. Articles drawn up and agreed to between his Excellency Simon van Hoorn, Ambaffador of the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, in the name and by order of the venerable Lords the Burgomafters and Counfellors of Amfterdam, and of Henry Jacob vander Heyden, Poft-mafter of certain towns in the United Provinces, on one part ; and Henry Bifhop, Efq; Mafter of the General Pofts of all England, England, and from thence to all other kingdoms...
الصفحة 234 - Certifie that the day and year abovesaid came before me and made such Affidavit as is above specified according to a late Act of Parliament intituled, An Act for burying in Woollen.

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