A Digest of the Reported Decisions of the Courts of Common Law, Bankruptcy, Probate, Admiralty, and Divorce: Together with a Selection from Those of the Court of Chancery and Irish Courts, from 1756 to 1883 Inclusive, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
H. Sweet, 1884
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الصفحة 47 - That all actions and prosecutions to be commenced against any person for anything done in pursuance of this Act shall be laid and tried in the county where the fact was committed, and shall be commenced within six calendar months after the fact committed, and not otherwise...
الصفحة 443 - No officer commanding a guard, or provost marshal, shall refuse to receive or keep any prisoner committed to his charge by an officer belonging to the forces of the United States ; provided the officer committing shall, at the same time deliver an account in writing, signed by himself, of the crime with which the said prisoner is charged.
الصفحة 173 - ... as to costs only, which by law are left to the discretion of the court.
الصفحة 775 - Campau was said to be worth $100,000; but when the change of times came, he made an assignment of all his property for the benefit of his creditors, except the Old Congregational Church, which he deeded to his mother.
الصفحة 63 - No action, suit, or information, or any other proceeding, of what nature soever, shall be brought against any person for anything done or omitted to be done...
الصفحة 419 - Prius,"—the costs of the cause to abide the event of the award, and the costs of the reference and award to be in the discretion of the arbitrator.
الصفحة 29 - ... the Public Health Act 1848. This provided: That full Compensation shall be made out of the General or Special District Rates to be levied under this Act, to all Persons sustaining any Damage by reason of the Exercise of any of the Powers of this Act...
الصفحة 853 - The trustee may apply to the court in manner prescribed for directions in relation to any particular matter arising under the bankruptcy.
الصفحة 763 - E. assigned all his estate and effects to trustees, for the benefit of his creditors.
الصفحة 17 - A. for life or until the occurrence of certain specified events, with remainder to his children <>r remoter issue as he should by deed or will appoint, and in default of such...

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