Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion, and Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England, During Queen Elizabeth's Happy Reign: pt. 1. Introduction to this history. Annals of the reformation of religion under Queen Elizabeth

الغلاف الأمامي
At the Clarendon Press, 1824
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الصفحة 118 - Sixth, with one alteration or addition of certain lessons to be used on every Sunday in the year, and the form of the litany altered and corrected, and two sentences only added in the delivery of the sacrament to the communicants, and none other or otherwise.
الصفحة 123 - And here it is to be noted that the Minister at the time of the communion, and all other times of his ministration, shall use such ornaments in the Church, as were in use by authority of Parliament, in the second year of the reign of King Edward the Sixth...
الصفحة 101 - And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm : So help me God.
الصفحة 236 - Edward the sixth, which is, and was of ancient time due to the imperial crown of this realm; that is, under God, to have the sovereignty and rule over all manner of persons born within these her realms, dominions, and countries, of what estate, either ecclesiastical or temporal, soever they be, so as no other foreign power shall or ought to have any superiority over them.
الصفحة 123 - THE Morning and Evening Prayer shall be used in the accustomed Place of the Church, Chapel, or Chancel ; except it shall be otherwise determined by the Ordinary of the Place.
الصفحة 123 - The morning and evening prayer shall be used in such place of the Church, Chapel or Chancel, and the Minister shall so turn him, as the people may best hear.
الصفحة 409 - I meant no harm; nor did I think it would offend your Majesty. when I intended it for a New Years
الصفحة 101 - ... all manner of jurisdiction, privileges, and pre-eminences, touching any spiritual or ecclesiastical jurisdiction within the realms of England and Ireland, &c. to visit, reform, redress, order, correct, and amend all, errors, heresies, schisms, abuses ,contempts, offences, and enormities whatsoever.
الصفحة 502 - I. That all the Sundays in the year, and principal feasts of Christ, be kept holydays ; and all other holydays to be abrogated. II. That in all parish churches the minister in common prayer turn his face towards the people; and there distinctly read the divine service appointed, where all the people assembled may hear and be edified. III. That in ministering the sacrament of baptism, the ceremony of making the cross in the child's forehead may be omitted, as tending to superstition. IV. That forasmuch...
الصفحة 123 - Vestment, nor Cope : but being Archbishop, or Bishop, he shall have and wear a rochet : and being a priest or Deacon, he shall have and wear a surplice only."f The Rubric of 1559, was the following : — " And here it is to be noted that the Minister at the time of the communion...

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