The 3rd Dimension of the CHRIST: Experiencing God Beyond the Four Walls

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 2007 - 348 من الصفحات
The 3rd dimension of the Christ is a work that is sure to challenge the traditionalist of the church world as we know it today! Written directly from the mouth of God, many of the topics discussed will be considered too controversial for a large part of the Christian body that have not grown from the milky teachings of the modern times. This book unmasks at least twelve of the greatest mysteries that the bible has to offer. What you will find most interesting about this piece is that it was written over four years ago but was not allowed to be released until this upcoming year of 2008. When asked why did you take so long to release this work? Dr. Davis stated, "God was not ready to be revealed in his purest essence unto the nations, but now is the time." The 3rd Dimension of the Christ is designed to cause you to question all that you have been taught about the word of God and to challenge you to go and confirm whether you have attained the truth or a watered down version of religious doctrine based upon mans limited interpretations. This piece is sure to change the way that the purpose, identity, and destiny of the body of Christ is viewed by all those that read it. God has higher levels, deeper depths and stranger truths than those that religion has focused on and only by entering into the highest level of scriptural revelation can one receive the keys that will unlock the door that leads them into eternal transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. May you be confounded and may God give you entrance into the 3rd Dimension of the Christ!

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