A Collection of the Acts Passed in the Parliament of Great Britain and Other Public Acts Relative to Canada

P. E. Desbarats, Law Printer to the King, 1800 - 404
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Pour empcher qui que ce foit de quitter la Province fans un paffeport en force
Concerning the diftribution of the eftates and effects of perfons leaving the Province without paying their
Concernant la diftribution des biens et effets des particuliers qui partent de la Province fans paer leurs
To prohibit for a limited time the exportation of wheat peafe oats bifcuit flour or meal of any page
For altering fixing and cftablishing the Age of Majority in force
For further continuing an Ordinance made the twentyninth day of March in the feventeenth year
Pour continuer encore une Ordonnance paffe le vingtneuvieme jour de Mars dans la dixfeptieme anne
Concerning Land Surveyors and the admcafurement of Lands in force
Concernant les Arpenteurs et la meſure des Terres en force
Concerning Advocates Attornies Solicitors and Notaries and for the more eafy collection of His
Qui concerne les Avocats Procureurs Solliciteurs et les Notaires et qui rend plus aif le recouvrement
For granting a limited civil power and jurifdiction to his Majeftys juftices of the peace in the remote parts
Qui continue une Ordonnance paffe le neuvieme jour de Mars dans la vingtieme anne du rgne de
For further continuing an Ordinance made the twentythird day of April in the feventeenth year of
Qui rgle plus folidement les milices de cette Province et qui les rend dune plus grande utilit pour
To continue in force for a limited time an Ordinance made in the twentyfifth year of His Majeftys page
Qui continue une Ordonance paffe le vingttroifime jour dAvril dans la dix feptieme anne du rgne
Further to continue and amend an Ordinance made on the ninth day of March in the twentieth year
To continue the Ordinances regulating the Practice of the Law and to provide more effectually for the page
Qui aide le Pauvre dans le Prt des Semences de Bled et autres Grains nceffaires Expire
To explain and amend an Act intituled An Act or Ordinance for better regulating the Militia of this
Qui rappelle partie dun Acte y mentionn quant aux voitures dhiver en force Ibid
In Addition to the Act intituled An Act or Ordinance further to regulate the Inland Commerce of this
Qui affure plus efficacement le droit de Pontage du Pont fur la Riviere St Charles prs Qubec en
Qui empche la dfertion des Matelots du Service Marchand en force Ibid
To prevent for a limited Time the Exportation of Bifcuit Flour or Meal of any kind alfo of Wheat
To continue and amend the Acts or Ordinances therein mentioned refpecting the Practice of the Law
Qui explique et amende lActe intitul Acte ou Ordonnance qui Encourage la Navigation Intrieure et le Commerce dans le Pais dOuest en force Ibid
To continue an Act intituled An Ordinance for regulating all fuch Perfons as keep Horſes and Car
Qui continue un Acte intitul Ordonance qui rgle toutes et telles Perfonnes qui tiennent des Che
To reward Samuel Hopkins and Angus Macdonell and others for their Invention of two new and
Qui rcompenfe Samuel Hopkins et Angus MDonell et autres pour leurs inventions de deux nouvelles Mthodes qui ameliorent la Manufacture de la ...
Qui continue une Ordonnance paffe le vingtneuvieme jour de Mars dans la dixfeptieme anne
For quartering the troops upon certain occafions in the country parishes and providing for the convey
For continuing an Ordinance made the twentyfifth day of February in the feventeenth year of His
Pour valider certains Actes et Contrats dans le District de Heffe Cette Ordonance neft plus en force

69 - GEORGE the Third, by the grace of GOD of Great-Britain, France and Ireland King, defender of the faith, and so forth,; and in the year of our LORD one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight.