The Mind, Office of a Man's Life

الغلاف الأمامي
Salem Publishing Solutions, Incorporated, 2007 - 156 من الصفحات
The creator has a mind, proven by the things we can see: the expanse of the universe, the complexity of nature and the ingenuity of man. However, for several centuries past men lived on earth as if they had no minds (some still do today). The sensual prevailed over the spiritual mind in most men. Then Jesus appeared on the scene, (vexed by the depravity of human nature and corrupted wisdom), to enlighten the 'wise and prudent' among men through the gospel. This book will reveal the reality of a supernatural mind that has remained imprisoned in man over the ages. It will unlock the potentials of the mind of Christ in every believer, stay blessed. Emmanuel Olushegun Owoeye-Wise is a minister of the gospel of Jesus, a teacher of the word, a conference speaker, a professional pilot, a musician and a fine artist. According to him, the Holy Spirit instructed him many years ago saying write me a book titled, 'The Mind, Office of a Man's Life, ' in accordance with what I taught you, for I have made you a minister of the gospel to the minds of men and women in your generation. He is married to Mrs. Ohuntoluwashe Love Owoeye-Wise who is also a Co-Minister and a gospel singer. They are blessed with two boys named Paul-David Toluwani and Michael Ayooluwarinde Owoeye-Wise.

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