Encountering Ecclesiastes: A Book for Our Time

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 19‏/06‏/2006 - 141 من الصفحات
The book of Ecclesiastes speaks eloquently to the uncertainties and anxieties that people have experienced through the centuries. James Limburg brings this ancient book to life for readers in our probing, questioning twenty-first-century times. He illuminates the contemporary existential themes in Ecclesiastes -- the quest for meaning in life, the incompleteness of our knowledge, the place of work in human lives, and the need to discover God amid life's uncertainties. A fresh, relevant discussion, arising from Limburg's extensive teaching experience, Encountering Ecclesiastes is ideal for any reader seeking to understand the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes.

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Is That All There Is?
Ecclesiastes 12
Whos Been Working the Hardest?
What About God?
What About Death?
So How Should I Live My Life?
What Its All About
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James Limburg (1935-2021) was professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. He authored more than a dozen books, including Find Yourself in the Psalms and the Westminster Bible Companion volume on Psalms.

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