The History of Guernsey and Its Bailiwick: With Occasional Notices of Jersey

الغلاف الأمامي
S. Barbet, 1854 - 527 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 100 - Richard by the grace of God king of England and of France, and lord of Ireland...
الصفحة 343 - Tangier, or into parts, garrisons, islands or places beyond the seas, which are or at any time hereafter shall be within or without the dominions of his Majesty, his heirs or successors...
الصفحة 479 - Had I any doubt of eventual success, I might ask your assistance — but I do not. I come prepared for every contingency. I have a. force which will look down all opposition, and that force is but the vanguard of a much greater.
الصفحة 349 - Hopkins to set forth, in Warlike Manner, the said . . . Brigantine, Called the Providence, under his own Command, and therewith by Force of Arms to apprehend, Seize, and take the Ships, Vessels, and Goods belonging to...
الصفحة 108 - And when the lad was come to the place of the arrow which Jonathan had shot, Jonathan cried after the lad, and said, Is not the arrow beyond thee? And Jonathan cried after the lad, Make speed, haste, stay not.
الصفحة 324 - ... not well treated by my uncle ; whereupon she left his house, with a resolution to withdraw herself into the island, where the good minister was, and there to wear out her life in the service of God.
الصفحة 513 - And one of the British consuls in Chile wrote: "I trust you will believe that any member of the family of Colonel Tupper, who may require such services as I am at liberty to offer, will be always esteemed by one who, for many years, has looked upon his gallant and honorable conduct as reflecting lustre upon the English name in these new and distant states.
الصفحة 308 - ... but that Cromwell would never consent to it; it may be, out of too much contempt of his enemies. In a word, as he had all the wickednesses against which damnation is denounced, and for which hell-fire is prepared, so he had some virtues which have caused the memory of some men in all ages to be celebrated ; and he will be looked upon by posterity as a brave bad man.
الصفحة 127 - We therefore by the advice and assent of the lords spiritual and temporal sitting in our parliament held at Westminster in the first year of our reign...
الصفحة 480 - The latter soon returned with an account that Tecumseh, not wishing to wear such a mark of distinction, when an older, and, as he said, abler warrior than himself was present,- had transferred the sash to the Wyandot chief, -Round-head.

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