Abandonment-Bank of England

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Sweet and Maxwell, limited, 1898
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الصفحة 593 - ... that court or a judge thereof if satisfied that there is no sufficient reason why the matter should not be referred in accordance with the submission, and that the applicant was, at the time when the proceedings were commenced, and still remains, ready and willing to do all things necessary to the proper conduct of the arbitration, may make an order staying the proceedings.
الصفحة 777 - The costs of the reference and award shall be in the discretion of the arbitrators or umpire, who may direct to and by whom and in what manner those costs or any part thereof shall be paid, and may tax or settle the amount of costs to be so paid or any part thereof, and may award costs to be paid as between solicitor and client.
الصفحة 473 - Every order made by a Judge of the said High Court in Chambers, except orders made in the exercise of such discretion as aforesaid, may be set aside or discharged upon notice by any Divisional Court, or by the Judge sitting in Court, according to the course and practice of the Division of the High Court to which the particular cause or matter in which such order is made may be assigned...
الصفحة 589 - If the appointment is not made within seven clear days after the service of the notice, the Court or a Judge may, on application by the party who gave the notice, appoint an arbitrator, umpire, or third arbitrator, who shall have the like powers to act in the reference and make an award as if he had been appointed by consent of all parties.
الصفحة 379 - ... and convicted thereof, in such case the property shall be restored to the owner or his representative...
الصفحة 27 - With regard to fraud, if there be any principle, which is perfectly well settled, it is that general allegations, however strong may be the words in which they are stated, are insufficient even to amount to an averment of fraud of which any Court ought to take notice.
الصفحة 781 - Prius,"—the costs of the cause to abide the event of the award, and the costs of the reference and award to be in the discretion of the arbitrator.
الصفحة 179 - If a person brings, or accumulates, on his land anything which, if it should escape, may cause damage to his neighbour, he does so at his peril. If it does escape, and cause damage, he is responsible, however careful he may have been, and whatever precautions he may have taken to prevent the damage.
الصفحة 787 - ... any prolonged examination of documents or accounts, or any scientific or local investigation which cannot, in the opinion of the Court or a judge...
الصفحة 753 - An award on a submission may, by leave of the Court or a judge, be enforced in the same manner as a judgment or order to the same effect.

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