The Inner Voice: God Is Calling You

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iUniverse, 2006 - 190 من الصفحات

It's time to start living the life God purposely created just for you! You were divinely created with natural characteristics, gifts, and summons from God which is the "inner voice" that lives in us. The obedience of the "inner voice" will make the difference between living a life of fulfillment, or being the victim of enslavement that will soon squeeze your soul to the limit of feeling no escape from the busy lifestyle of stress. How often do you feel your life has no direction, routine, unimportant, or trapped?

The Inner Voice: God is Calling You gives guidance on how to escape this mentality. This book teaches you how to live a more simple and peaceful life. It helps give guidance about God's simple purpose for human creation. Many people believe that God only calls certain people to be disciples of his work, but God has a calling on any and everyone that wishes to accept His gift. Unfortunately, many will never witness their true purpose because they will never grow spiritually mature enough to hear God's call. If we are going to be all we are meant to be, this is where we must begin. Hear his call!


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Christ is the Vine
Spiritual Purpose
Spiritual Transformation
Spiritual Purging
The Power of Confession
So it Begins
To My Soul
Spiritual Gift Glossary
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نبذة عن المؤلف (2006)

Evangelist Cherie Jones believes the call on her life is to inspire all to live a life of purpose by Kingdom building. Upon graduating with two degrees from Texas A&M University, she has been employed with Centex Homes as a home builder/architectural designer. Outside of marriage and family, she enjoys motivational speaking, directing, praise dance choreographing, and writing.

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