For the Perfecting of the Saints: Exploring the Ministries of the Pastor and of the Teacher

الغلاف الأمامي
Kingdom Builders Pub, 2006 - 156 من الصفحات
The scriptures reveal that God has set ministries and gifts in the Church. The ministries of the apostle and the prophet provided the foundation for the Church. However, their ministries alone could not advance the Church. Thus, God set other ministries within the Church; namely, the pastor and the teacher. These ministries are important for the equipping and maturing of the saints. In the pages of this book, we will discuss the ministries of the pastor and of the teacher in detail. A proper understanding of these ministries will help individuals recognize and appreciate their functionality in the Church. Small Group and Bible study edition is available: "Pastoral and Teaching Ministries 101: Biblical Studies for the Ministries of the Pastor and of the Teacher."

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