Death Is at Your Door Are You Ready?

الغلاف الأمامي, 01‏/08‏/2007 - 216 من الصفحات
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If only death were that simple, wouldn't we all live differently if we knew exactly when death would come knocking on our door? Most of us think that we have a whole lot of years left before we even have to start thinking about death. What if I could prove to you that not only is the time of death's visitation rapidly approaching for us all, but that his foot is already in the door? What if I could show you signs that were written thousands of years ago that warn us that we are about to enter into a time of unparalleled death and devastation that make all previous such events pale by comparison? Would knowing what is going to happen tomorrow change how you live today?Today just may be the most important day of your life, the things that you are about to read will most assuredly impact you for the rest of your life. Death is at your door, doom is just around the corner and uncertainty is all around us but just beyond the horizon lays hope...

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