How to Interpret History

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History is indeed a mystery. Even the Bible refers to history this way. Differing interpretations of historical events abound as the past is subjected to scrutiny by archeologists, anthropologists, theologians, educators, historians, politicians, authors and film directors, not to mention each of us as individuals. All of this contributes to the mystery already inherent in the events. But...once we know what to look for in the pages of history, it's a different story. For those who find history confusing, How to Interpret History is offered as relief. This handbook offers a biblical framework of revealed and intended principles for interpreting history. It seeks to answer the common criticism that we often cannot see the forest for the many trees. Furthermore, the principles offered here will help the reader interpret the economic, political and cultural globalization that is occurring before our very eyes. So much of the typical storyline of history seems far removed and totally unrelated to that of the Bible. Does this mean there is no connection? Is the Bible storyline irrelevant? Do we really believe God is providentially involved in human affairs? Is God in control of the events that are happening in the world? Are His purposes discoverable? Are we sure God, the Creator of all things, intends for us to unravel the tapestry of history? If so, what tools do we have to discover the answers to these questions? This handbook seeks to show the inseparable nature of interpretation and definition of history, provide common viewpoints to the historical record, identify power groups, discuss the will and purpose of God in history, explore five biblical principles for interpreting history, and offer four essentials to good government demonstrated in history. You will find this reading experience to be a doorway to understanding history, modern politics, nation making, and the Bible. Enjoy the adventure of discovery within these pages.

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History Defined
Three Common
The Will
Three Power Groups in History
Five Principles tools
The Principle Explained
The Principle Explained
Four Essentials to Good
Conclusions About History
Recommended Reading
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The Principle Explained

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