Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah: Written Previous To, and During the Period of His Residence in England. To which is Prefixed a Preliminary Dissertation on the History, Religion, and Manners, of the Hindoos. In Two Volumes, المجلد 1

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Wells and Lilly, 1819 - 530 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 44 - When even at last the solemn hour shall come, And wing my mystic flight to future worlds, I cheerful will obey; there, with new powers, Will rising wonders sing. I cannot go Where universal love not smiles around...
الصفحة 44 - tis nought to me ; Since God is ever present, ever felt, In the void waste as in the city full ; And where he vital breathes there must be joy.
الصفحة 63 - A man, both day and night, must keep his wife so much in subjection that she by no means be mistress of her own actions. If the wife have her own free will, notwithstanding she be of a superior caste, she will behave amiss.
الصفحة xxx - And bids the various warbling throng Burst the pent blossoms with their song. He bends the luscious cane, and twists the string, With bees how sweet ! but ah, how keen their sting ! He with fine flowrets tips thy ruthless darts, Which through five senses pierce enraptured hearts.
الصفحة xxiii - What prov'd it first ? Oh ! guide my fancy right , Oh raise from cumbrous ground My soul in rapture drown'd, That fearless it may soar on wings of fire ; For thou, who only knowst, Thou only canst inspire. Wrapt in' eternal solitary shade, Th...
الصفحة xxx - All animals to thee their tribute bring, And hail thee universal king. • Thy consort mild, Affection ever true, Graces thy side, her vest of glowing hue, And in her train twelve blooming girls advance, Touch golden strings and knit the mirthful dance. Thy dreaded implements they bear, And wave them in the scented air, Each with pearls her neck adorning, Brighter than the tears of morning. * Thy crimson ensign, which before them flies, Decks with new stars the sapphire skies.
الصفحة 148 - Of ev'ry bird, that hails the bloomy spring, Or tells his love in many a liquid note, Whilst envious artists touch the rival string, Till rocks and forests ring; Breathes in rich fragrance from the sandal grove, Or where the precious...
الصفحة 148 - Being, who is present at all times in all places, exhibits to the minds of his creatures a set of perceptions, like a wonderful picture or piece of music, always varied, yet always uniform...
الصفحة 230 - I was anxious to improve the light, directed me four or five miles farther on my way to the dwelling of a man whose name was Rice, who occupied the last and highest of the valleys that lay in my path, and who, they said, was a rather rude and uncivil man. But " what is a foreign country to those who have science ? Who is a stranger to those who have the habit of speaking kindly...
الصفحة xxxi - Pours her soft radiance thro' the night, And to each floating cloud discovers The haunts of blest or joyless lovers, Thy mildest influence to thy bard impart, To warm, but not consume, his heart.

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