The Chemist: A Monthly Journal of Chemical and Physical Science..., المجلد 3

الغلاف الأمامي
R. Hastings., 1842
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الصفحة 358 - Society was held at the Dr. Savage Institute, New York, on December isth, 1900, Mr. J. Blake Hillyer, president, in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, the...
الصفحة 310 - PRINTER to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve...
الصفحة 56 - A vegetable substance is always acid, when the oxygen which it contains is to the hydrogen in a proportion greater than is necessary to form water, or where there is an excess of oxygen.
الصفحة 270 - Consequently, if, in consequence of a diseased transformation of living tissues, a greater amount of force be generated than is required for the production of the normal motions, it is seen in an acceleration of all or some of the involuntary motions, as well as in a higher temperature of the diseased part. This condition is called fever.
الصفحة 243 - The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By JONATHAN PEREIRA, MD, FRS, and LS...
الصفحة 92 - In a third set of cases life is commonly prolonged at least six days, sometimes much longer, or recovery may even take place after a tedious illness ; and the signs of inflammation in the alimentary canal are succeeded or become accompanied about the second or fourth day or later by symptoms of irritation in the other mucous passages, and more particularly by symptoms indicating a derangement of the nervous system, such as palsy or epilepsy. The distinctions now laid down will be found in practice...
الصفحة 207 - We see other wide spaces slowly sinking without any volcanic outbursts ; and we may feel sure, that this sinking must have been immense in amount as well as in area, thus to have buried over the broad face of the ocean every one of those mountains, above which atolls now stand like monuments, marking the place of their former existence. Reflecting how powerful an agent with respect to denudation, and consequently to the nature and thickness of the deposits in accumulation, the sea must ever be, when...
الصفحة 390 - ... whole to cool, and scratch out the design in the common way, with a needle or point ; then sprinkle on a little powdered iodine, and at the same time add a few drops of water with a camel-hair pencil, and work them into a liquid paste, which must be moved about over the intended engraving, for a period varying from one to five minutes, according to the depth of lines required to be produced. Afterwards wash the whole in clean water. Persons acquainted with the properties of iodine will readily...
الصفحة 272 - ... (force.) The regulator and the air-passages open, and the machine supplies itself with more coals. The body, in regard to the production of heat and of force, acts just like one of these machines. With the lowering of the external temperature, the respirations become deeper and more frequent; oxygen is supplied in greater quantity and of greater density; the change of matter is increased, and more food must be supplied, if the temperature of the body is to remain unchanged.
الصفحة 309 - Who steals my purse steals trash ; 'tis something, nothing ; 'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands; But he who filches from me my good name, Robs me of that, which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.

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