The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt: The history of the world

الغلاف الأمامي
The University Press, 1829

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الصفحة 896 - I have seen all the works that are done under the sun ; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
الصفحة 897 - O eloquent, just, and mighty Death! whom none could advise, thou hast persuaded ; what none hath dared, thou hast done ; and whom all the world hath flattered, thou only hast cast out of the world and despised ; thou hast drawn together all the far-stretched greatness, all the pride, cruelty, and ambition of man, and covered it all over with these two narrow words, Hie jacet!
الصفحة 894 - We have left it flourishing in the middle of the field, having rooted up or cut down all that kept it from the eyes and admiration of the world ; but, after some continuance, it shall begin to lose the beauty it had ; the storms of ambition shall beat her great boughs and branches one against another, her leaves shall fall off, her limbs wither, and a rabble of barbarous nations enter the field, and cut her down.
الصفحة 896 - It is therefore Death alone that can suddenly make man to know himself. He tells the proud and insolent that they are but abjects, and humbles them at the instant ; makes them cry, complain, and repent, yea, even to hate their forepassed happiness. He takes the account of the rich, and proves him a beggar; a naked beggar, which hath interest in nothing, but in the gravel that fills his mouth. He holds a glass before the eyes of the most beautiful, and makes them see therein their deformity and rottenness;...
الصفحة 895 - Germans, which had neither greatness nor continuance) there hath been no state fearful in the east, but that of the Turk ; nor in the west any prince that hath spread his wings far over his nest, but the Spaniard ; who, since the time that Ferdinand expelled the Moors out of Granado, have made many attempts to make themselves masters of all Europe.
الصفحة 894 - By this, which we have already set down, is seen the beginning and end of the three first monarchies of the world, whereof the founders and erecters thought that they could never have ended. That of Rome, which made the fourth, was also at this time almost at the highest. We have left it flourishing in the middle of the field, having rooted up or cut down all that kept it from the eyes and admiration of the world ; but, after some continuance...
الصفحة 896 - ... them. They are always transported with the glory of the one, but they never mind the misery of the other till they find the experience in themselves. They neglect the advice of God while they enjoy life, or hope it; but they follow the counsel of Death upon his first approach. It is he that puts into man all the wisdom of the world, without speaking a word, which God, with all the words of his law, promises, or threats, doth not infuse. Death, which hateth and destroyeth man, is believed; God,...
الصفحة 897 - World, implying a second and third volume, which I also intended and have hewn out ; besides many other discouragements persuading my silence, it hath pleased God to take that glorious prince out of the world, to whom they were directed ; whose unspeakable and never enough lamented loss hath taught me to say with Job (xxx.
الصفحة 895 - ... they themselves would then rather have wished to have stolen out of the world without noise than to be put in mind that they have purchased the report of their actions in the world by rapine, oppression and cruelty, by giving in spoil the innocent and labouring soul to the idle and insolent...
الصفحة 894 - Now these great kings and conquering nations have been the subject of those ancient histories which have been preserved and yet remain among us; and withal of so many tragical poets, as in the persons of powerful princes and other mighty men have complained against infidelity, time, destiny, and most of all against the variable success of worldly things and instability of fortune. To these undertakings the greatest lords of the world have been stirred up, rather by the desire of fame, which ploweth...

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