The Technology of Orgasm: "hysteria," the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction

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Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999 - 181 من الصفحات
From the time of Hippocrates until the 1920s, massaging hysterical female patients to orgasm was a staple of medical practice among Western physicians. Hysteria, an ailment considered common and chronic in women, was thought to be the consequence of sexual deprivation. Doctors performed the routine chore of relieving hysterical patient's symptoms with manual genital massage until the women reached orgasm, or, as it was known under clinical conditions, the hysterical paroxysm. The vibrator first emerges as an electromechanical medical instrument in direct reponse to demand from physicians who, far from enjoying the implementation of pelvic massage, sought every opportunity to substitute the services of midwives and, later, the efficiency of mechanical devices.

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