The Greatest Human Deception

الغلاف الأمامي
Author Reputation Press, LLC, 17‏/01‏/2023 - 198 من الصفحات
The Greatest Human Deception is certainly one of the most explosive thought-provoking books of immense proportions and dimensions. Certainly, a "Christian Classic" and a must-read book beneficial to all. Using indisputable scientific facts, the author diagnoses the reasons for world problems of health, hatred with wars, and provides the "magic" prescription to cure all individuals and world problems. Argues forcibly that the present educational system of the world is flawed because it is in the "wrong direction," and advocates a "turn around" to the "right type of education." And inspiration to believers, an eye-opener to unbelievers, a challenge to atheists, agnostics, and the uncommitted. In the Greatest Human Deception, the existence of God is not an exercise of "Quod Erat Faciendum" but a magnificent and colossal statement of "Quod Erat Demonstratum" (that which has been proven or demonstrated). A grand philosophical edifice, cemented with scientific facts.

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