A Classical Manual: Being a Mythological, Historical, and Geographical Commentary on Pope's Homer and Dryden's Aeneid of Virgil

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J. Murray, 1833 - 697 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 269 - Not that Nepenthes which the wife of Thone In Egypt gave to Jove-born Helena Is of such power to stir up joy as this, To life so friendly, or so cool to thirst.
الصفحة 392 - The one seem'd woman to the waist, and fair, But ended foul in many a scaly fold, Voluminous and vast, a serpent arm'd With mortal sting : about her middle round A cry of hell-hounds never ceasing bark'd With wide Cerberean mouths full loud, and rung A hideous peal ; yet, when they list, would creep, If aught disturb'd their noise, into her womb, And kennel there ; yet there still bark'd and howl'd Within unseen.
الصفحة 518 - That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge In the Arctic sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes pestilence and war.
الصفحة 335 - As from some feast a man returning late, His faithful dogs all meet him at the gate, Rejoicing round, some morsel to receive, (Such as the good man ever used to give,) Domestic thus the grisly beasts drew near; They gaze with wonder not unmix'd with fear.
الصفحة 531 - The pendulous round earth with balanc'd air In counterpoise, now ponders all events, Battles and realms : in these he put two weights, The sequel each of parting and of fight : The latter quick up flew, and kick'd the beam ; Which Gabriel spying, thus bespake the fiend.
الصفحة 395 - And fuelled entrails thence conceiving fire, Sublimed* with mineral fury, aid the winds, And leave a singed bottom all involved With stench and smoke: such resting found the sole Of unblest feet.
الصفحة 362 - Vesta's fane, And the great monuments of Numa's reign; With grief and rage while Ilia's bosom glows, Boastful, for her revenge, his waters rose: But now, th' uxorious river glides away, So Jove commands, smooth-winding to the sea. And yet, less numerous by their parents...
الصفحة 339 - The unhappy captives, marching in the rear, Appointed offerings in the victor's name, To sprinkle with their blood the funeral flame.
الصفحة 511 - When Jupiter descends in harden'd rain, Or bellowing clouds burst with a stormy sound, And with an armed winter strew the ground.
الصفحة 227 - Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view, Who stand upon the threshold of the new.

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