Jehovah Unmasked!

الغلاف الأمامي
Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2005 - 204 من الصفحات
RECENTLY REVISED, REWRITTEN, AND EXPANDED with TWO ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS! Plus a plethora of new material woven into the text. JEHOVAH UNMASKED is now more hard-hitting, controversial, and informative than ever. Merritt draws back the curtain on an ancient spiritual path that the Catholic church has always violently opposed. He takes the reader down the rabbit hole of the real Matrix. Discover for yourself, in your own Bible, the lies of God in the Garden of Eden, and the Truth told by the Serpent. This second edition takes the reader even deeper into the truly bizarre side of the Bible. A side you will never hear read from any pulpit anywhere. Come along for a wild ride as the author unfolds to you, in your own Bible, mysteries and weirdness that the churches of Christendom would much rather you remain ignorant of. Be prepared for shock after shock as the light of understanding dawns and you realize how completely YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO by all the churches of Christendom!

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