The Songs and Wisdom of DAVID AND SOLOMON Part II: The Symbolic Version of Proverbs, The Symbolic Version of Ecclesiastes, The Symbolic Version of the Song of Solomon

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 264 من الصفحات

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' is a horror that identifies the every day lies that are told to us. It singles out the betrayal that most of us experiences in our everyday lives. We are easily manipulated in the mist of trying to get closer to the Lord. We know that we've came close to our time when we become confused enough to glorify man.

This horror takes place in a small town in Texas. The people in the town had a strong belief that by the year 2000 Jesus would return. When the stranger came to town these people was manipulated into believing he was Christ. They were converted into a cult unconsciously. They all had a thirst for seeking the Lord. That thirst led them into following his lead and drinking the poison. They drank the poison that led over 85% of the town t its death.

Five years later the souls of the dead came back to haunt the living. They were only able to make contact with the living in their sleep. The dead came back to convert the new people of the town. They offered to them their biggest desires (in their sleep). If they accept whatever was offered they were converted and never woke up.

Have you ever dreamed you were falling or flying? Have you ever dreamed someone was chasing you or choking you? Have you ever dreamed your teeth were loosen or falling out? Have you ever tried to move or scream but couldn't? If any of this applies to you then DO NOT FALL ASLEEP READING THIS BOOK!

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