When Destiny Calls

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2007 - 200 من الصفحات
What accounts for the sudden restlessness that assails an individual who for years has seemingly been quite content with his status quo? He goes to bed one night feeling very satisfied with what he has achieved so far in life. He has a sense of pride in the position he now occupies on the job, in the community and at Church. Yet, he awakens the next morning with a burning desire to venture into the unknown in quest of new experiences. - Where is he going? - How should he prepare for leaving? - What circumstances await him along the way? - How does he deal with such inevitabilities? - Is there help available? - Will he succeed where others may have failed? In WHEN DESTINY CALLS, Apostle Emanuel Vivian Duncan addresses these and other questions, pertaining to the dynamics of pursuing purpose. Get ready for the journey of your life! Apostle Emanuel Vivian Duncan is a second-generation preacher who has answered the call from God to be a prophetic voice to the end-time Church, in particular and the world, in general. He is a dynamic psalmist and a prolific author, who writes by way of divine revelation out of his own life's experiences. Apostle Duncan travels extensively to minister in major conferences, lecture in seminars and conduct workshops in churches around the world. He is also eagerly sought after by ministers and ministries for the fathering anointing that God has bestowed upon him. Together with his wife, Jemma, herself a dynamic teacher of the word of God, Apostle Duncan gives leadership to Divine Destiny Worship Centre, headquartered in Diego Martin, Trinidad, W.I. God has blessed Apostle Duncan and his wife with three adult off springs who are well on their way to fulfilling destiny.

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Chapters Page 1 The rationale
The parable
The way up is down
Thieves in the temple
The vultures
By chance a priest
Beware of the dog
The inn
The thieves are still with us
The Church is the Ideal Night Nurse
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