Back to the Future

الغلاف الأمامي
Living Hope Press, 2004 - 544 من الصفحات
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After embracing the theology of Dispensationalism for thirty-three years, doubts grew in the author's mind concerning the issues raised by eschatological questions. While pastoring he avoided the subject. But one day he was asked questions on prophecy that he simply could no longer answer with commitment or conviction. It was time to find some real answers. This book began as Sunday school lessons to provide those real answers. Long after the Sunday school lessons ended, the study and the writing continued. Not satisfied with Sunday school answers; Dr. Bass wanted something definitive for his own benefit and the benefit of others. This work is an effort to provide that substance, that body of learning beyond the Sunday school class for those that demand more, much more. Feeling that much of what was out there on the subject was sorely wanting, Dr. Bass envisaged another work from the loyal opposition of the prevailing opinion, something written from a deep conviction in the sufficiency and trustworthiness of Scripture, yet something fare different from the usual offerings. This book is the result of the author's quest.

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