Who's Keeping the Home

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 200 من الصفحات
Think of a precious diamond. Now think about the homes across America. No one who owns a diamond would ever be so careless as to throw it about or leave it lying around. In fact, you would harness it into safekeeping. But in the eyes of God the family is more valuable than a diamond. No one would take a hammer and crush an expensive diamond, but so many homes are crushed under the weight of ungodliness propagated in the home. A well-known family psychologist made this statement; "often the greatest damage is unintentionally inflicted in the home, which should be the child's sanctuary and fortress." Find out what the author describes as the four killers of homes today and how this is greatly impacting the next generation. A prowler is on the loose. Explore the five steps to prevent this ravenous executor from invading your home. Inquire within. Pennie McNair is a native of Fort Valley, Georgia. She received her degree in Ministry from More Than Conquerors College in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pennie graduated with honors as Magna Cum-Laude. Pennie has taken the assignment that God has called her to very serious. There are currently two books that she felt in her spirit that God has called her to share with others. Her first book, "Born Again to Win," was released in 2005 and since then has been in reprint continuing to be a blessing to many statewide. In her writings you will always find Jesus Christ at the center of her work, which guarantee to be inspiring, encouraging and a blessing to the reader. Mrs. McNair resides in North Carolina with her husband Kevin. They are the parents of three sons and the grand parents of two adorable boys, Jordan and Joshua.

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