The Universal Kabbalah

الغلاف الأمامي
Simon and Schuster, 29‏/09‏/2004 - 528 من الصفحات
Presents a new understanding of the laws of cosmic manifestation through the sacred geometry of the Sabbath Star diagram

• Explores three higher levels of consciousness above the four worlds of the classical Kabbalah

• Reveals the mathematical code of the laws of all cosmic manifestation

This landmark work by an innovative modern Kabbalist develops a scientific model for kabbalistic cosmology and soul psychology derived from the kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life and the author's own Sabbath Star diagram--a configuration of seven Star of David hexagrams. This geometric model begins with the four worlds of the classical Kabbalah, which bring us to the present time and birthright level of the soul, and is then expanded to three higher enclosing worlds or levels of evolving consciousness. The Sabbath Star diagram therefore accommodates both the emanationist cosmology of the earlier Zoharic Kabbalah and the future orientation of the later Kabbalah of Isaac Luria. The hexagram elements that construct each expansion of the Sabbath Star diagram configure the cosmic stages of each of its “worlds.” The matrix that is produced by these construction elements configures the level of the multi-dimensional soul that is correlated with each cosmic world. In its final stage, this model unites the finite and infinite halves of the Sabbatical world in a way that exemplifies the secret doctrine of the Kabbalah.

Not only does this work offer a new, inclusive model for the Kabbalah but it also provides a basis for complexity theory, with its final extrapolation to infinity. The universality of this model is further shown by its applicability to such other domains as physics, sociology, linguistics, and human history. This universal model encodes the laws of all cosmic manifestation in terms that are particularly coherent with the formulations of the Kabbalah, giving a mathematical basis to many aspects of this mystical tradition and providing a new synthesis of science and spirituality for our time that may well write a new chapter to the Kabbalah.


Foreword by Dr Julian UngarSargon
The Star and the Tree
The Sabbath Star Diagram
Generation of the FourthWorld Diagram
The Evolution of the Fourth World
The FifthWorld Diagram and the Messianic
The SixthWorld Diagram and the World to Come
The Culminating Diagram of the Cosmic Octave
The Octave Matrix of the Chayah Soul
Exploring the Geometry of the Infinite beyond
The Ninth World
Charting the Infinite Future
The Sabbath Star System
Scientific Implications of the Hexagram Matrix
A Systems Model of Sociology
Systematic Linguistics

A New Model for Kabbalistic Soul Psychology
The FifthWorld Matrix Model of the Ruach Soul
The SixthWorld Matrix Model of the Neshamah Soul
Forbidden Crossings and the Illusion of Knowledge

طبعات أخرى - عرض جميع المقتطفات

عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

نبذة عن المؤلف (2004)

Leonora Leet received her Ph.D. from Yale University and was a professor of English at St. John’s University, specializing in Renaissance English literature. Her previous books on the Kabbalah are Renewing the Covenant, The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah, and The Kabbalah of the Soul.

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