Mary queen of Scots vindicated. [With] Additions and corrections, المجلد 4

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الصفحة 84 - Flying between the cold moon and the earth, Cupid all arm'd ; a certain aim he took At a fair vestal, throned by the west ; And loos'd his love-shaft smartly from his bow, As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts : But I might see young Cupid's fiery shaft Quench'd in the chaste beams of the watery moon ; And the imperial votaress passed on, In maiden meditation, fancy-free.
الصفحة 123 - Since once I sat upon a promontory, And heard a mermaid, on a dolphin's back, Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath, That the rude sea grew civil at her song ; And certain stars shot madly from their spheres, To hear the sea-maid's music.
الصفحة 385 - ... till at length it was told the Queen he was brother to the Lord William Mountjoy. This...
الصفحة 125 - She desired to know of me what colour of hair was reputed best, and whether my queen's hair or hers was best, and which of them two was fairest. I answered, the fairness of them both was not their worst faults.
الصفحة 6 - And then discoursed with me of her indisposition, and that her heart had been sad and heavy for ten or twelve days; and in her discourse she fetched not so few as forty or fifty great sighs. I was grieved at the first to see her in this plight, for in all my lifetime before I never knew her fetch a sigh, but when the Queen of Scots was beheaded.
الصفحة 131 - I, that was wont to behold her riding like Alexander, hunting like Diana, walking like Venus, the gentle wind blowing her fair hair about her pure cheeks, like a nymph, sometimes sitting in the shade like a goddess, sometimes singing like an angel, sometimes playing like Orpheus ; behold the sorrow of this world ! once amiss hath bereaved me of all.
الصفحة 332 - I would not fail, according to your directions, to return my answer with all possible speed ; which [I] shall deliver unto you with great grief and bitterness of mind, in that I am so unhappy to have liven to see this unhappy day, in the which I am required, by direction from my most gracious Sovereign, to do an act which God and the...
الصفحة 332 - I am so unhappy to have liven to see this unhappy day, in which I am required by direction from my most gracious Sovereign to do an act which God and the law forbiddeth. My...
الصفحة 336 - A poftfcript in a letter from Mr, Secretary Davifon of the •' third of February 1 586." "* I intreated you in my laft letters, to burn both the letters "' fent unto you, for the argument's fake ; which, by your '"anfwer to Mr. Secretary (which I have feen), appeareth •" not to be done. I pray you let me intreat you, to make "' hereticks both of th' one and th' other, as I mean to ufe '" yours after her Majefty hath feen it.
الصفحة 85 - But she could not refrain from putting her hand in his neck, smilingly tickling him, the French Ambassador and I standing by.

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