The Scripture Diet: The Devil Made Me Eat the Donut

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Tate Publishing, 2007 - 88 من الصفحات
The Scripture Diet is for anyone who wants to develop a new mantra for a healthier lifestyle. Its never too late! This is a very inspiring read for those who need a little extra encouragement for weight loss.


an alphabet of self control
day one
day two
day three
day four
day five
day six
day seventeen
day eighteen
day nineteen
day twenty
day twentyone
day twentytwo
day twentythree
day twentyfour

day seven
day eight
day nine
day ten
day eleven
day twelve
day thirteen
day fourteen
day fifteen
day sixteen
day twentyfive
day twentysix
day twentyseven
day twentyeight
day twentynine
day thirty
day thirtyone
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