Jane Austen and the Morality of Conversation

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Anthem Press, 2003 - 303 من الصفحات
In this dynamic new work, combining intellectual history and literary stylistics, Bharat Tandon confronts traditional "ethical" readings of Austen's novels that examine product over process. Reading Austen against the eighteenth-century culture of polite conversation, Tandon proposes that contemporary literature revealed cracks and faultlines in this regimented ideal of socially-binding politeness, and that Austen's style is an active reflection upon these historical circumstances. In examining how concepts such as flirtation - the "twists" and "spins" that Elizabeth and Darcy, for example, put on the shared currency of language and decorum - Tandon explores how Austen's style not only reflects, but performs her ideas: rather than finding Austen's focus on social surfaces to be a stylistic weakness, this book finds that "Austen's surface is intimate with her depths."


Austens Early Fiction
Throwing the Voice
Habit and Habitation

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Bharat Tandon teaches at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, and is the former External Director of Studies in English at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge.

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