Twelve Essentials for a Successful Marriage

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You are about to read a book that was designed to facilitate the entire core of a family. It is comprehensive in terms of information which would guide you into all truths. The content of this book, intended to reach the desire needs of young people who are currently courting ,fiancés who are in preparation to say “I do”, Couples who are currently struggling in their marriages and are seeking workable solutions, also couples who are on the verge of divorce… It is also a definitive guideline for decision makers before getting into a life time relationship. It is an holistic and unprecedented approach for pre-marital and post-marital couples all around the world.


Thanks to God for His ingenious inspiration which causes my passion for this subject to emerged from a thought into a book. I want to recognized my wife, and thank her for her tireless efforts of support.


Thanks to my professor Dr. Ronald Smith for his embrace and cheerleader roll, which he displayed in his  encouragement to me.


To all of my readers, this is from my heart to yours.

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 Dr. Lloyd Slowe was born in Guyana South America. He is the third child of his parents. He joined into marital union with his beautiful wife Hilrett Slowe and through those union three children were born.  Dr.  Lloyd is currently the Senior Pastor of Reshaping Lives Ministries, where he serves in various capacities. Ultimately, he oversees the entire functioning of the ministry.

 Dr. Lloyd Slowe dedicated his life to the Lord for over (20) years. He seeks to deepen his walk with the Lord daily. He attended several schools of theology where he obtained his Diploma in Evangelism, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Master in Divinity and Doctorate. Dr. Lloyd Slowe loves the Lord and wants to serve him sincerely.

Lloyd is presently the CEO of his Construction Company. He has a diploma in Construction Engineering and Construction Management. He also has a diploma in Effective Communication and Public Relations.

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