Nationalism's Bloody Terrain: Racism, Class Inequality, and the Politics of Recognition

الغلاف الأمامي
George Baca
Berghahn Books, 2006 - 110 من الصفحات

As many scholars have argued, racism and its passions are created by and subordinated to the nation. This volume places the practices of racism at the center of analysis of so-called post-racist or multi cultural nation-states. This way, each contributor analytically treats racism and its related concepts of race, identity, culture, and naturalizing symbols of blood to highlight the manner in which governing institutions use nationalist precepts to create "races". In the end, it is racism - the actual political practices of domination - that makes "race" salient, especially in its multi-cultural and liberal-democratic form.



Narrating a Nation through Mixed Bloods
The Making and Unmaking?
Whats Love Got to Do with
Vijay Prashad
Notes on Contributors
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نبذة عن المؤلف (2006)

George Baca is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Goucher College in Baltimore. He is currently completing a manuscript on the relationship between racial politics and militarization in the American South.

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