To Shirk No Idleness: A Critical Biography of the Poet Andrew Young

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University of Salzburg, 1997 - 312 من الصفحات
The poet Andrew Young has been well-known to lovers of poetry for over sixty years. His prose books, notably those about his "wild flower chases, " have also received wide acclaim. However, the popular image some have of the famous writer as a clergy-poet is only a partial truth because he was a tremendously complex and tortured figure. This authoritative biography, written by his daughter and his son-in-law, draws upon a large number of revealing and witty letters by Young from 1920 onwards. They record the memories of an eccentric, lovable man, sad trace the development of his writings and his personal style and relate them to his development as a human being.

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Beginnings 18851890
Schooldays 18901903
University and New College 19031912
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