The Progress Of Man: Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints

الغلاف الأمامي
Kessinger Publishing, 01‏/09‏/2004 - 536 من الصفحات
1936. Written by an Elder and Historian of the Church and a member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. This is a brief treatise on the outlines of man's history upon the earth, his periods of advancement and retrogression, the governments and laws-divine and human-to which he has been subject through the ages, with a declaration that it is the right of Jesus Christ to rule and reign upon the Earth. Also a declaration that the hand of the Almighty has been over the nations, limiting them in their exercise of power, and turning their designs to His own purposes. The facts of history are interpreted in the light of the revealed Word of God, and the final destiny of the Earth and Man is foreshadowed. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

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