The Mahdi: “The Expected One”

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The Mahdi, "The Expected One"represents the accumulation of events that had their beginning around 2000 B.C. during the time of Abraham. It is from this time the story unfolds. It is the start of two great peoples who through to the present day have become bitter enemies. Two brothers in competition for Gods favor, each wanting to destroy the other.

Into this mix are the archaic systems of government in todays world. Feudalistic empires and their serf armies struggling to control world resources. The age of industrialization and the new rise of economic powers in once deprived nations like China and India have pushed the envelope of world domination. Colonial rulers running crumbling empires and moralists spreading their philosophy of living, religion, and government have added to the chaos. The nations of the world continue to escalate weapons development racing to join the Nuclear Club even though their own countries can little afford the costs of the race.

Nations are forming alliances based on common interests both militarily and economically. Russia, China, and the Islamic world, the Tri-Pack, are being pushed together in a relationship of necessity. They are the odd puzzle pieces that dont fit in the world today. Out of this relationship will come a global power to be dealt with by the rest of the world.

Sir McKinder wrote in 1919 of the World Island. Today that World Island is larger than the original World Island. Russia in time will reacquire her old empire. China will settle the Taiwan question by force, and eliminate the problem in North Korea allowing Korea to re-unite under the Chinese sphere-of-influence. Out of the World of Islam will rise a leader who will unite Islam under one banner. All of Africa, except South Africa, West Asia, South Asia, minus India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, except Vietnam, East Asia, except Japan, and North Asia will comprise the New World Island.

The loss of Africa is a result of negligence of the Western world their only interests being cheap Raw Resources for their economic empires. Africa in the equation was the pivotal piece, handled properly could have derailed the New World Island.

Mexico, Central America, and South America are ripe for investments and relations with the Tri-Pack and could swing to the New World Island. Cuba, non-relations, has weakened the U.S. position. The use of the Monroe Doctrine and carrying a Big Stick has alienated this part of the world from the United States.

Not long ago the President of Iran stated he is preparing the way for the arrival of The Mahdi, "The Expected One".

The clock is ticking


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