God, Satan, and Mr. Job: Answers to Life Puzzling Questions

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Xulon Press, 2004 - 156 من الصفحات
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Many books have been written about Job?s battle with life. However, none of the books researched contain the contents and conundrums found in God, Satan, and Mr. Job.The uniqueness of God, Satan, and Mr. Job is the attempt to resolve some of the riddles in Job?s story. Especially significant are the contents of chapters four to six, which explain most of the puzzling concepts in Job?s story, and the contents of chapter twelve, which explain the parables of the Behemoth (Hippopotamus) and the Leviathan (Crocodile or Dinosaur) as told by God.Readers will enjoy some intriguing ideas and brainteasers such as:(a)A short introduction to the historical origins of Satan from Islamic, biblical, and other cultural perspectives.(b)The political battle between God and Satan.(c)The riddle of the controversial wager between God and Satan over Job?s life.(d)The conundrum about Satan standing among God?s children.(e)The meaning of the fire of God from heaven.(f)The heuristic stage of faith development.(g)The three causes of life tragedies.(h)The origin of human violence, terrorism, and aggression.(i)The dichotomy between faith and fear.

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