'Can-Do!' Christianity

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 148 من الصفحات
Circumstances can sometimes seem to crush even the most mature of Christians. So how do we develop faith in God's ability to see us through? 'Can-Do ' Christianity is a word-by-word study of Philippians 4: 13 in which the much-tested Apostle Paul states that he can do anything through his source of strength, Jesus Christ. This book makes a tangible connection between God's Word and His work in the Christian's life. A liberal sprinkling of anecdotes, illustrations and quotes keep it interesting, upbeat and an easy read that fits well with today's busy lifestyles. Debi Derrick has taken the truths about how to live the Christian life and reduced them to simple, but profound rules for living. Following the instructions that you'll find in this book will surely help you, as it has helped me, to live out the Christian faith. I strongly recommend this book for your reading. Tony Campolo, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Eastern University St. Davids, PA 19087 A professional communicator and avid student of the Bible, Debi Derrick is also a lover of good stories, especially the ones that make us laugh or feel like tomorrow will definitely be a better day. She calls herself a triple PK because of the many family members involved in ministry. And although she accepted Christ at an early age, she certainly has not been insulated from experiencing the traumas of life. She does, however, draw on these when presenting practical, down-to-earth views of God's place in a Christian's life. Debi lives in Texas where she is active in her church and community.

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