Twelve Reasons Christians Don't Grow...Even in Good Churches!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 116 من الصفحات
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Churches spend a great deal of time, money and energy on their physical structure, and in growing their membership, but by far not enough in developing healthy, mature Christians. Tony Green believes that Christians who don't grow in their spiritual lives, miss out immeasurably on God's blessings, and come short of experiencing that abundant life that Jesus desires for all Christians. In this book he identifies twelve reasons Christians don't grow and provides helpful insights to stimulate Christian growth. In a clever and unique alliterated style each chapter outlines the reasons Christians don't grow and provides helpful scripture to support the reasons.. A must-read for any Christian serious about his or her walk with God! . The new Christian and the "seasoned" believer will find in Twelve Reasons Christians Don't Grow, very practical and Scriptural insights to help propel them to new levels of spiritual growth. Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oakcliff Bible Fellowship. . Tony Green has provided us with a very concise yet simple manual to encourage maturity and joy. Dr. Ernest Forsten, M.D., Family Physician. . This, is not another how-to-book. It concentrates on what God has done for us in Christ, and what should be our normal response. Dr. David Calhoun, Professor, Covenant Theological Seminary. Tony A. D. Green, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and US trained psychologist, is recognized as a formidable multi-lingual speaker, conducting seminars in the Caribbean and in various parts of the world. As a sought after speaker, he travels extensively speaking on psychological, biblical and management themes. After 23 years as Director of Aruba's successful Hospitality College, and many years as a minister and church leader, he now heads up his own Green Seminars and Consulting firm and continues to be actively involved in the life of his local church.

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