Discovering the Apostle's Doctrine: Rightly Dividing Truth

الغلاف الأمامي
Xlibris Corporation, 01‏/03‏/2005 - 120 من الصفحات
"Discovering the Apostles' Doctrine" is sure to inflame the Christian community and will be considered a very controversial read by those who study God's word with an inflexible understanding of Christian theology. Once the pages of this book and the minds of the readers are opened the comments of the author intertwined with biblical truth of scripture will bring a new enlightenment and a deeper understanding of God's will. In "Christendom" over the last 2 millenniums there has been a departure from the true gospel of Jesus Christ as was presented by his apostles. In fact, the doctrines that were expressly taught by the apostles of Jesus Christ and that are presented in the New Testament are for the most part not followed by "Christendom" today. This book will bring the readers attention to the many warnings, which God has given mankind through his prophets, the apostles and His son Jesus Christ. These warnings were given that mankind then and now might be made aware that there exists in the world false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing, false Christs, traditions of men and doctrines of devils with one purpose, to destroy man s hope of any relationship with God! In the spirit of the "Watchman on the Wall" it has been the writer's effort to not only warn the reader but to give biblical direction to the saving grace that is found in Jesus Christ alone. This book will be the cause of much debate and will be considered heretical in many corners of "Christendom". However, a closer look at the scriptures and with the help of the author´s comments the reader will uncover the fundamental truths of God and embrace the eternal hope that is in Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us that it is the broad way that will lead humanity to destruction and unfortunately many people will follow that path. "Broadway" is known for it's bright lights, its glamour, excitement and its many opportunities to indulgence ones self. The broad way is also the way of deception, distraction, discouragement, distruction and death. Jesus further explained that the road or pathway to eternal life is a narrow passage and few people will find it. It is the writer's prayer that this book will provoke the reader to study their bible with a receptive mind comparing scripture with scripture. Jesus died for everyone of us but the bible tells us that heaven itself is not for everyone. Revelation 21:27 states that there shall in no wise enter into the city of God any thing that defiles, neither those who have an abdominal life style or those who are filled with deception (liars), however those who have believed the truth of the scriptures will have found eternal life and their new home. A person must be born in to the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ. The apostles of Jesus have given us the road map to eternal life through their writings found in God's word. "Discovering the Apostles' Doctrine" will reassure the reader that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Every professing Christian and every soul looking for God´s truth needs to read this book with their Bible at least once! This book is not fiction and it is not meant to be read for entertainment. This book is a sincere look into the word of God as it was brought to humanity by God´s prophets and the apostles of Jesus. This book is meant to help the reader think, pray and secure their eternal salvation!

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