The Protestant Face of Anglicanism

الغلاف الأمامي
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1998 - 112 من الصفحات
Paul F.M. Zahl attempts to show - contrary to the opinion of many present-day "Anglican" writers - that Anglicanism is not just a via media (between Rome and Geneva, for example) but has been stamped decisively by classic Protestant insights and concerns. He also discusses the implications of Anglicanism's Protestant history for our own age, suggesting that this dimension of Anglicanism has an important contribution to make to the worldwide Christian community in the new millennium. Zahl opens his work by highlighting the Protestant influences in Anglican history and tradition, beginning with the Reformation in England. A short, popular recounting of the crucial Reformation decades is followed by the story of the Protestant tradition within the Church of England from 1688 to the present. Zahl then outlines the Protestant contribution to the American Episcopal Church, from nineteenth-century figures like Bishops Richard Channing Moore of Virginia and Gregory Thurston Bedell of Ohio, through the rise of the "liberal Evangelicals" in the early 1900s, to the Prayer Book of 1979, which effectively neutralized the "Morning Prayer" tradition in the Church. In the final chapter Zahl sketches a four-part theology of Protestant-Anglican identity as well as the Protestant-Anglican opportunity to speak both to the wider church and to the world at large.

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The English Reformation Detour or Defining Moment
The Face Obscured
The Protestant Face of Anglicanism in the Church of England 1688 to the Present
The Protestant Face of Anglicanism in the American Episcopal Church 1607 to 1979
The Face Restored
A A ProtestantAnglican Christology
B A ProtestantAnglican Doctrine of Grace
C A ProtestantAnglican Concept of Intellectual Freedom
D A ProtestantAnglican Understanding of Church
Selected Reading List
Articles of Religion The ThirtyNine Articles
The Risky Question A Sermon Preached August 24 1997 at Canterbury Cathedral
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