The Blueprint of Faith: How to Receive the Promises of God

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iUniverse, 04‏/04‏/2006 - 64 من الصفحات
Why do you believe in God? Whether you desire healing, professional success, or inner peace, The Blueprint of Faith demonstrates how God makes promises to his children and provides explicit directions on how to ensure they are fulfilled in your life.

In this introspective, life-affirming book, author Ken Primus reveals the seven principles he used to receive his own promises from God-grace, hope, faith, persistence, patience, persuasion, and praise-and then clearly shows you how to apply each principle to your daily life. Primus interjects many of his own spiritual experiences into the chapters and also fully explores the enemies of faith-lack of knowledge, unbelief, doubt, and fear. In the final chapter, Primus shows you how to "put it all together": how to live by faith and how to apply the truths to your everyday life.

The Blueprint of Faith is a spiritual resource for those who are ready to trust in the power of God and live a more faithful life.



A Gift Given in Prayer
The Ingredients Needed to Receive Your Promise
What Does It Mean?
Faith to Stand
The Enemies of Your Faith
Being Fully Persuaded
Patience that Undergirds
Putting It All Together
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Ken Primus served as pastor of Abundant Grace Ministries in Orlando, Florida, and has traveled the Caribbean teaching the principles of God. He now lives in Sebastian, Florida.

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