The Golden Lute: And Other Poems

الغلاف الأمامي
G. Bell, 1876 - 150 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 126 - Tho' fann'd by Conquest's crimson wing They mock the air with idle state. Helm, nor hauberk's twisted mail, Nor e'en thy virtues, tyrant, shall avail To save thy secret soul from nightly fears, From Cambria's curse, from Cambria's tears!
الصفحة 123 - At last divine Cecilia came, Inventress of the vocal frame ; The sweet enthusiast, from her sacred store, Enlarged the former narrow bounds, And added length to solemn sounds, With nature's mother- wit, and arts unknown before.
الصفحة 124 - Nigh the cursed shore, and listen to the lay. No more that wretch shall view the joys of life, His blooming offspring, or his beauteous wife ! In verdant meads they sport ; and wide around Lie human bones, that whiten all the ground : The ground polluted floats with human gore, And human carnage taints the dreadful shore.
الصفحة 116 - Franks had the ascendant. The political divisions remained conformable to this first division of nations and languages. In spite of the independence of the great feudatories, northern France always...
الصفحة 137 - These hills must have been in themselves an inspiration, a nursing cradle, for the poets :— " Before the lingering gazer drawn, Still in a long unbroken line, Knoll after knoll, lawn after lawn,"— as a true and tender lover of nature has sung,— " With orchards on their flanks and lea, They rise above the pleasant land, They sink -upon the glimmering sea.

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