Riding the Carousel with God

الغلاف الأمامي
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Certainly, I’m not the first person to compare life with a carousel. We’ve all gone “round and round,” circumnavigating the light of reality, as we understand it, in the passing prisms of our lives. We’ve had our “ups and downs,” too. God also rides my carousel. One never rides alone, you know. But God hasn’t tamed me yet. I’m a feral theologian.

My carousel reflects the life of a man who intended to become a Baptist pastor, only to discover the door to ordination was barred. While searching for freedom of thought, he became an Anglican priest, but found himself entering a deep depression that led to total rejection by his bishop. Alienated twice, what happened after that is the rest of his story

In lieu of traditional chapters, I have interjected essays that reveal the influence of religion and theology in my life, and vice-versa. Therein lies an amalgam of convoluted and eccentric thought that, I hope, includes some measurable creativity. With what amounts to theological innovation as my only pitch for consideration, I hope my unorthodoxies will promote thought and reflection on behalf of my readers.


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نبذة عن المؤلف (2007)

Richard Clark, best known as Blaine, Washington’s local historian, was born April 16, 1930 at Wenatchee, Washington. He has lived in Oregon, California, Missouri, Alaska, Alberta and Ontario, but he’s spending his “golden years” in Blaine. He holds a B.A. in music and an M.A. in sociology from Western Washington University, a master of divinity degree (M.Div.) in homiletics from the American Baptist Seminary of the West, and an M.A. in the humanities from California State University. He is a former adjunct professor of sociology and religion with Chapman University, and a retired editor of the Record-Journal, a newspaper that has been serving Whatcom County since 1886. While serving his community as a nationally certified piano teacher, he founded a classical music movement in 1990 that became known as the Pacific Arts Association ten years later. He authored Point Roberts, USA: The History of a Canadian Enclave in 1980, and Sam Hill’s Peace Arch: Remembrance of Dreams Past in 2005. Riding the Carousel with God represents a thematic change with a theological bent.

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