The Medical Age, المجلد 3

الغلاف الأمامي
George S. Davis, 1883
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الصفحة 196 - That the subject of law reporting be referred to a committee of five, to be appointed by the chair, with instructions to prepare a plan of amendment and report to a future meeting of this association.
الصفحة 256 - Provost and Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania.
الصفحة 106 - County in which said offense shall have been committed, for the term of thirty days, and in no case wherein this act shall have been violated, shall any person so violating, receive a compensation for services rendered; Provided, that nothing herein contained shall in any way be construed to apply to any person practicing dentistry.
الصفحة 94 - By Louis STARR, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania ; Physician to the Children's Hospital.
الصفحة 184 - A MANUAL OF ORGANIC MATERIA MEDICA. Being a Guide to Materia Medica of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms. For the use of Students, Druggists, Pharmacists and Physicians.
الصفحة 196 - The report was accepted, and referred to the Committee on Publication. Dr. McNulty, of the New York Academy of Medicine, offered a resolution, that a committee of one from each State be appointed by the Committee on Nominations, to prepare, and report to the Association during the present session, an address to the people of the United States, setting forth the strong claims...
الصفحة 106 - Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine within the meaning of this act, who shall profess publicly to be a physician and to prescribe for the sick, or who shall append to his name the letters of "MD...
الصفحة 199 - WHEREAS, Persistent misrepresentations have been and still are being made concerning certain provisions of the Code of Ethics of this Association, by which many in the community, and some even in the ranks of the profession, are led to believe those provisions exclude persons from professional recognition simply because of differences of opinions or doctrines ; therefore 1.
الصفحة 416 - There shall be a standing Committee on Finance, composed of one representative from each State and Territory, the District of Columbia, the Medical' Department of the Army, the Medical Department of the Navy, and the Marine Hospital Service. The Chairman of the Finance Committee shall report to the Executive Committee of the Congress. Each member of the Finance Committee shall appoint a local Finance Committee for his Slate.
الصفحة 63 - Master nor lend them unlawfully to any. He shall not commit fornication nor contract Matrimony within the said Term.

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