I Must Be About My Father's Business: Volume Ii - Dominion - Doing God's Will and Work

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Trafford Publishing, 31‏/05‏/2005 - 238 من الصفحات

This book addresses the subject of dominion and why we need to be involved in the mission, will, and work of the Father's business. Dominion involves God sharing His authority and power with man to fulfill His mission and purpose, and to do His will and work on earth. Our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician and it is His will for us as sons of God to be a physician healing the hurting of our generation. Other God and man dominion roles include: Commander-In-Chief / Soldier, King of Kings / Prince, Lord of the Harvest / Harvester.

God has chosen to do nothing on earth except through man. He is depending on you -- He is depending on me.

Our Heavenly Father is: It is His will for us as sons of God to be:

The Great Physician, the great healer of the complete man: body, soul and spirit.

A physician healing the hurting of our generation.

The Commander-In-Chief in the war against Satan and sin.

A soldier engaging in spiritual warfare against the kingdom of Satan. The King of Kings, the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent ruler of the universe.

A prince serving in His kingdom with dominion over the prince of this world, Satan.

The Great High Priest, the great intercessor that once and for all offered the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

A priest, a holy man, an anointed man to serve as an intercessor to His lost world.

The Lord of the Harvest

A laborer in His harvest field.

The Great Commander is Calling His Soldiers to Arms to fight against the forces of evil that are set in array against the purpose and mission of the church. The kingdom of Satan has issued its challenge to the church. What will be our response?

The Great High Priest is Calling for Intercessors. It is His will for us to be an intercessor (a go-between) ministering to the needs of this generation, reconciling the world unto Christ.

The Great Physician is Calling for Caregivers The world is full of people dying from the disease of sin, crying out in their despair and hopelessness, desperately in need of caregivers that have a relationship with the Great Physician.

The Lord of the Harvest is Calling for laborers to work in the harvest, just before the sun sets forever on the harvest field. The Father's harvest business is labor intensive; it depends on laborers.


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James Twentier worked in the Prison Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry and Youth Ministry during his high school and college years. He and his wife, Marsha worked 35 years at Life Tabernacle, Houston, TX in a number of Outreach Ministries: Sunday School Bus Ministry (10 years), Home Bible Study Ministry (25 years), Singles Ministry, Visitor Follow-up Ministry, Discipleship/Home Fellowship Ministry, Compassion Ministry, and Deaf Ministry. They have been preaching and teaching in many churches with a special ministry emphasis on the two foundational themes for church growth:

- Spiritual Growth (becoming a Book of Acts Christian).

- Soul Winning and Evangelism (reaching the lost).

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