The Queen: The Conspiracies of 1806 and 1813, Against the Princess of Wales, Linked with the Atrocious Conspiracy of 1820, Against the Queen of England

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الصفحة xiii - I retain every sentiment of gratitude for the situation in which I find myself, as princess of Wales, enabled by your means, to indulge in the free exercise of a virtue dear to my heart, I mean charity. It will be my duty likewise to act upon another motive, that of giving an example of patience and resignation under every trial.
الصفحة xiii - The avowal of your conversation with lord Cholmondeley, neither surprises nor offends me. It merely confirmed what you have tacitly insinuated for this twelvemonth. But after this, it would be a want of delicacy, or rather an unworthy meanness in me, were I to complain of those conditions which you impose upon yourself.
الصفحة xxxix - ... your Majesty's confidential servants, undeserving of credit. " Your Majesty's confidential servants, therefore, concurring in that part of the opinion of your late servants, as stated in their minute of the 25th...
الصفحة xiv - It will be my duty likewise to act upon another motive, that of giving an example of patience and resignation under every trial. " Do me the justice to believe that I shall never cease to pray for your happiness, and to be " Your much devoted " CAROLINE.* . .• . . rv jv«f ?•••! -"h *C The date of his royal highness's let.
الصفحة xiii - I shall now finally close this disagreeable correspondence, trusting that, as we have completely explained ourselves to each other, the rest of our lives will be passed in undisturbed tranquillity. " I am, Madam, with great truth, " Very sincerely yours, " GEORGE P." " Windsor Castle, April 30, 1796.
الصفحة xxxix - ... the princess of Wales, of pregnancy and delivery, are completely disproved ; and they further submit to your majesty, their unanimous opinion, that all other particulars of conduct brought in accusation against her royal highness, to which the character of criminality can be ascribed, are...
الصفحة xxxix - January, that there is no longer any necessity for your Majesty being advised to decline receiving the Princess into your Royal presence, humbly submit to your Majesty, that it is essentially necessary, in justice to...
الصفحة xviii - Our inclinations are not in our power, nor should either of us be held answerable to the other, because nature has not made us suitable to each other. Tranquil and comfortable society is, however, in our power ; let our intercourse, therefore, be restricted to that...
الصفحة xxxix - In this situation, his majesty is advised, that it is no longer necessary for him to decline receiving the princess into his royal presence. The king sees, with great satisfaction, the agreement of his confidential servants, in the decided opinion expressed by the four lords, upon the falsehood of the accusations of pregnancy and delivery brought forward against the princess by Lady Douglas.
الصفحة xxxix - Princess's house in the month of November following. Neither should we be more warranted in expressing any doubt respecting the alleged pregnancy of the Princess, as stated in the original declarations — a fact so fully contradicted, and by so many witnesses, to whom, if true, it must, in various ways have been known, that we cannot think it entitled to the smallest credit.

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