Message from the Spiritual Dimension: The Revelation of Saint John the Divine

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 24‏/09‏/2007 - 88 من الصفحات

This book is the result of many meditations and the explanation of many subjects.  The Teachers and Masters who speak through the medium, Gilda, have been appointed to do so, to guide, instruct and teach.  The questions in this book have been provided not only by the medium, but other persons interested in these subjects.  During the time that it has taken to develop these writings, the expertise and fluency of the medium, has allowed us, her teachers, to instruct her in subjects that also pertain to future events, and as such, they should be considered prophecies.  The editing of these writings is done with love and dedication, and the purpose of sharing this knowledge is to reach those souls able to be guided.

طبعات أخرى - عرض جميع المقتطفات

نبذة عن المؤلف (2007)


This was the beginning of my spiritual search for truth.  Soon after I met a wonderful woman who invited my husband and me to a group meeting to pray for oneness with God and to pray for others in need of healing. There were twelve people invited and we sat in a circle. This teacher explained that there is a powerful and holy significance when twelve people are gathered in a circle of light; this increases the power of prayer and the ability to send healing. We met weekly for many months and she taught us to meditate.  I began to sit in meditation daily and write the information I could hear. I soon discovered I had a spiritual teacher, San Augustine, who would answer my spiritual questions.  When I had questions about world events or human relations, I received answers from a teacher named, Tumargeo.  I learned that these teachers lived in higher dimensions and were able to access the Akashic records, past and future events, and Gods Book of Remembrance which records the evolution of all species on the planet, human, flora, and fauna.


My spiritual teacher, San Augustine, explained to me that there were many people with various religious backgrounds who are receiving messages from spiritual teachers.  The purpose of these messages is to make us aware that there are higher dimensions and there are cataclysmic earth changes coming. Mankind must take responsibility to diminish the suffering of the people of all races and stop the deterioration of our planet’s resources.


To those of you who are asking “what can we do ?”, I would offer this suggestion; Join together in circles of twelve and pray for guidance and the healing of our beautiful planet earth and all of its people.


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