The Compleat Angler

الغلاف الأمامي
Collins' Clear-Type Press, 1869 - 310 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 35 - The shepherd swains shall dance and sing For thy delight each May morning: If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my love.
الصفحة 35 - The rest complains of cares to come. The flowers do fade, and wanton fields, To wayward winter reckoning yields, A honey tongue, a heart of gall, Is fancy's spring, but sorrow's fall. Thy gowns, thy shoes, thy beds of Roses, Thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy posies, Soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten: In folly ripe, in reason rotten.
الصفحة 57 - The dew shall weep thy fall to-night ; For thou must die. Sweet Rose, whose hue, angry and brave, Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, Thy root is ever in its grave, And thou must die.
الصفحة 15 - But who hath praise enough ? nay, who hath any "? None can express thy works, but he that knows them ; And none can know thy works, which are so many, And so complete, but only he that owes them.
الصفحة 105 - I would be wise, but that I often see The fox suspected, whilst the ass goes free: I would be fair, but see the fair and proud, Like the bright sun, oft setting in a cloud: I would be poor, but know the humble grass Still trampled on by each unworthy ass : Rich, hated ; wise, suspected; scorn'd, if poor; Great, fear'd; fair, tempted; high, still envy'd more.
الصفحة 33 - ... which broke their waves, and turned them into foam : and sometimes I beguiled time by viewing the harmless lambs, some leaping securely in the cool shade, whilst others sported themselves in the cheerful sun ; and saw others craving comfort from the swollen udders of their bleating dams. As I...
الصفحة 35 - With coral clasps and amber studs: And if these pleasures may thee move, Come live with me, and be my love.
الصفحة 5 - I have made myself a recreation of a recreation ; and that it might prove so to him, and not read dull and tediously, I have in several places mixed, not any scurrility, but some innocent, harmless mirth, of which, if thou be a severe, sour-complexioned man, then I here disallow thee to be a competent judge ; for divines say, there are offences given, and offences not given but taken.
الصفحة 42 - As well content no prize to take, As use of taken prize to make : For so our Lord was pleased when He fishers made fishers of men : Where, which is in no other game, A man may fish and praise his name. The first men that our Saviour dear Did choose to wait upon him here, Blest fishers were, and fish the last Food was, that he on earth did taste. I therefore strive to follow those, Whom he to follow him hath chose.
الصفحة 57 - ... sweetly too. Come, let me tell you what holy Mr. Herbert says of such days and flowers as these ; and then we will thank God that we enjoy them, and walk to the river and sit down quietly, and try to catch the other brace of trouts.

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