The Work(s) of Samuel Richardson

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Samuel Richardson has come, over two hundred years, to be seen as a man in conflict. The bourgeois, even priggish, master printer has seemed to be difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile with the original author of Clarissa and lesser works of genius. Fysh's The Work(s) of Samuel Richardson addresses this problem in Richardson studies by examining Richardson not as an author but as a maker of books. In this study, Fysh covers a range of ground to redress the traditional conflicted view of Richardson, addressing on the way issues of interest to textual theorists, historians of publishing, printing, popular culture, labor and copyright, and literary critics.

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Samuel Richardson as Printer and as Novelist in Theory and in Practice
The Apprenticeship of Samuel Richardson The Significance of The Apprentices Vade Mecum
Pamela Unwritten Anecdotes Souvenirs Backgrounds
The Technology of the Letter Reading Clarissas Paper X
Richardsons Property Grandisons Property
Conclusions Samuel Richardson NovelistPrinter
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الصفحة 19 - In contrast to the representation of the ideal, abstract text — which is stable because it is detached from all materiality, a representation elaborated by literature itself — it is essential to remember that no text exists outside of the support that enables it to be read; any comprehension of a writing, no matter what kind it is, depends on the forms in which it reaches its reader.

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