Triumphant Living

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Tate Publishing, 2007 - 192 من الصفحات
Does your heart yearn to know God? Are you searching for a deeper, more dynamic, relationship with Christ? Are you a pastor or full-time Christian worker looking to revitalize your ministry? Then Linda Marcum's book "Triumphant Living" was written for you. Wherever you are in your relationship with Christ, "Triumphant Living" will deliver more than you could ever imagine. Her writing style is entertaining, thought-provoking and based on Scripture. Every Christian, and everyone seeking a relationship with Christ, should read this book. 'I didn't think anyone could write as well as Charles Stanley, ' one reader wrote, 'but Linda Marcum has done it ' No other book offers so much to so many readers. "Triumphant Living" will help those who desire to get on the path to everlasting life, assist those who are looking for the 'right' church, help those who are seeking to understand the baptism of the Holy Spirit, explain how to break the bondage of sin that grips many believers; and help every reader have victory in every area of their lives. This is one of the most powerful books on the Christian market today, and no believer should be without it. 'I have known Linda Marcum but for a short time. I have found her, however, to be a genuine Christian woman. Her heart's desire is to please the Lord and help others with her gifts. The book, "Triumphant Living," is both practical and insightful. This book is an opulent source for many people who desire to grow spiritually and be encouraged in their faith.' -J. Phillip Epperson, D. Min. Director, Prayer Across America

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