In Search of God - Growing in Him Book1

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 76 من الصفحات
Are you looking for answers about God? Maybe you want to know God and experience His presence. "In Search of God," a unique self-study booklet, will help you know what the Bible has to say about God, life and death. It will help you understand God's view of what is necessary to obtain eternal life. For you who have found Christ as Savior then salvation is just the beginning of your new life in Christ. Your next objective should be spiritual growth! "In Search of God," answers issues related to salvation and provides a foundation for you to build upon. This study will clarify for you some important insights on issues like faith and works and some thoughts on important aspects to living the Christian life after coming to Christ. This is the first of six in the "Growing In Him" series. Straight to the Heart Ministries Inc. focuses on presenting Biblical truth in a forthright and truthful manner. The purpose is to provide solid Biblical truth for the spiritual growth and maturity of believers. Robert A. Hanson has a deep conviction that both newer and older believers receive that which is essential for their walk with the Lord. Ranging from foundation studies for new believers to more extensive studies for older believers, there are study booklets that can be utilized in a small group or individual studies. The topics range from various dimensions of fellowshipping, walking, and working with the Lord, to suffering, or serving the Lord. A question-answer format focuses on the topic with printed verses, and in some cases, followed with explanation of key words or thoughts.


Introduction Page
What Does The World Believe? Page
What Is Truth? Page
Is There A Purpose? Page
What Is Mans Problem? Page 3 5
What is Gods Way to Eternal Life? Page
A New Life A New Beginning Page
How to Pray Page
Information for Spiritual Growth Page
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